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Changing Health within our Communities
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About the CHW Collaborative

The PA Community Health Worker (CHW) Collaborative is a growing local, regional, and statewide network focused on working together to address individual and community health. It's not something new necessarily, perhaps more a way of organizing active collaboration, education, and support around community health workers in our health centers, community organizations, and neighborhoods. 


A Community Health Worker (CHW) is an individual who contributes to improved health outcomes in the community where they reside and/or where they share ethnicity, language and life experiences. Community Health Workers proactively serve as a liaison between communities and healthcare agencies, provide guidance and social assistance to community residents, advocate for individuals and community health, provide referrals and follow up services for care and so much more.

Advocacy & Sustainability

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Certified CHWs in PA


For more on CHW certification in PA, visit:

PA Certification Board

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Employers Rely on Grants

Currently, 58% of PA CHW employers rely on grants to fund CHW positions, making long-term planning and continuity of programming tenuous.

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Fund via MCO Contracts

Only 13% of CHW employers fund CHW positions through MCO contracts, with 28% funded for the cost to employ CHWs and smaller portions funded at least partially by fee-for-service (20%) and VBP (20%) contracts.


What is a Community Health Worker?


Community Health Workers (CHWs) are frontline public health workers who assist in improving quality of care and breaking down cultural barriers to treatment. CHWs bridge the gap between people in need of care and care providers – and as members of the community they serve, they help build trust and open lines of communication.

A CHW may go by many titles including: Community Health Representative, Community Health Advisor, Health Coach, Family Advocate, Health Educator, Liaison, Outreach Worker, Patient Navigator, Public Health Aide, Patient Care Coordinator, Promotores de Salud.

Likewise, CHWs work in a wide variety of settings that may include hospital systems, non-profit and faith-based organizations, public and private clinics, educational systems, learning extension centers, public agencies or even serving clients within their homes.

As a CHW, you will make an impact locally: 

  • You will help your neighbors address high-priority chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, mental health and obesity.

  • You will help reduce health disparities and enhance health equity.

  • You will help improve clinical outcomes for patients.

  • You will join a network of amazing students, graduates, instructors and employers already serving in our communities.

CHW Education & Training

PA CHW Collaborative Partners

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